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Contract Ratification Vote:

The Results Are In!

The Elections Committee Chair Linda Schantol has submitted the results of our vote, an overwhelming Yes from members to approve the contract for this economic re-opener. The next step is a vote from the Board of Education. Check back tomorrow afternoon for the results of that meeting.



What is the Lane Community College Employee Federation?

We are all classified employees – full-time, part-time, and hourly part-time workers at Lane County Community College. Together, we form a union. LCCEF members negotiate the contract which determines wages, benefits, working conditions, rights and responsibilities for all of us, and we work towards change in our communities and state that benefits us all.

Lane Community College Employees Federation
Local 2417, American Federation of Teachers; AFL-CIO; AFT-Oregon
P.O. Box 7275, Springfield, OR 97475


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